White Papers

Basics of A/B Testing, Part 2

This is the second white paper to get you started in getting trustworthy results with your A/B tests. These tests are most often used to optimize a website but may also be conducted to optimize your mobile app or make your email campaigns more effective.

Basics of A/B Testing, Part 1

This white paper is the first in a series of three that explain basic principles and practical advice for running AB tests on websites to test proposed changes.

Success Factors for a Machine Learning Pilot

This paper outlines success factors that should be considered when selecting a machine learning project or pilot. Not all are necessary, but the better a project meets these objectives, the higher the probability of a success.

Elements that are Conducive to Good Test Results

This white paper presents seven elements that should be present for your organization to achieve reliable, impactful experimental results. Some are essential but others, if present, will improve the results of the experiment.

Steps in Organizational Multi-Factor Testing

This white paper outlines the steps an organization needs to carry out to successfully conduct a multi-factor test of ideas that could improve performance. In addition to the eight steps, a brief description of the ideal environment and objective for such an experiment is given.

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