About Us

Process Performance Management exists to help organizations achieve their strategic objectives using data science. Areas of special interest are Machine Learning, Demand Forecasting and Experimentation (both A/B testing online as well as Multi-Factor testing offline). We work with clients in a wide array of industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Agriculture, etc. Contact any of the individuals below or Contact@ppmdatascience.solutions to start your journey to better results using Data Science!

Roger Longbotham, Principal and Data Scientist

Roger Longbotham has over 30 years experience in practicing data science to provide solutions to strategic and analytic problems in many industries. Areas of focus have included causal analysis (via online and offline experimentation), statistical modeling (using statistical and machine learning methods) and process and systems improvement. He has conducted hundreds of seminars for industry as well as graduate courses in statistics and business. He has also developed a number of courses and led management and technical workshops. At Microsoft Roger led the team responsible for the development of the analytic capabilities for the Experimentation Platform (the online experimentation capability used in Bing, MSN and many other online properties). Prior to Microsoft, he led the analytics for the online testing platform at Amazon.com and applied data science and experimentation as a consultant in many industries. Roger earned a Ph.D. in Statistics from Florida State University.

Michael Whittlesey, Data Scientist

Michael has a background in Economics and Data Science and experience as Chief Data Scientist for a large educational institution where he headed up the online learning applications and automatic report generation. He also has done data science work to improve graduation rates, student retention and crime in large cities. Michael has a passion for many topics within the field of data science and include everything from geospatial analysis to natural language processing. He is also skilled in data engineering and data warehousing. He is fluent in R, Python and SQL and experienced with Window’s PowerShell. Michael has a Bachelors degree in Economics and is currently obtaining a Masters in Data Science from University of Wisconsin.

James Longbotham, Data Scientist

James has 10 years experience consulting in content management and strategy in the Software, Financial Services and Banking industries. His primary areas of data science expertise include computational linguistics, text analysis and data visualization. In addition, James is proficient in many other areas of statistics and data science. He has technical proficiency in programming languages Python, Java, Bash, SQL, XSLT (basic) and with data science tools Torch, Azure Machine Learning, Linux, QlikSense and JReport. James has masters degrees in Historical Linguistics from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Cognitive Systems from Universität Potsdam. In addition to English he is fluent in German and French and capably conversant in Norwegian, Russian and Spanish.

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