Process Performance Management exists to help organizations achieve their strategic objectives using data science. Areas of special interest are Machine Learning, Demand Forecasting and Experimentation (both A/B testing online as well as Multi-Factor testing offline). We work with clients in a wide array of industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Agriculture, etc.

It is always fascinating to take data that has been collected or locked up in a database and make it come alive and speak to the organization leaders. It could be telling them how to make changes so the equipment doesn’t break down at inopportune times or which students are most likely to drop out so they can take preventive action or identify the patients most likely to come down with a deadly infection.

Investigate the Case Studies to see some of the interesting work we have achieved for organizations using Data Science. White papers will give you more general information on how to use analytics for improvement. A list of publications is available for in-depth technical assistance. Finally, more about the personnel behind Process Performance Management and contact information is available in About Us.

Case Studies

You can access all case studies showing some of the work we have done or filter them by Industry, Methodology or Objective.

White Papers

Non-published and mostly non-technical papers on approach and methodology.


Recent technical papers that have been published in journals.

About Us

More information about the company, some of the personnel and how to contact us.

Natural Language Processing Overview with, April, 2021, James Longbotham

Getting you started with Natural Language Processing with an excellent open-source tool,

Video: Avoiding Analytical Blindspots, November, 2016, Roger Longbotham

A fun talk about how we naturally fall into data science “traps” when interpreting analytical results.

In God we trust, all others bring data

W. Edwards Deming

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